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coronatimes has taught us many lessons! Life is indeed fragile - we learnt to respect the front line warriors in this pandemic. YES, the doctor, nurses, paramedics, essential service staff made a huge difference to mankind by their services.

This is an effort to share a story - a nurse in the hospital who served at a monthly salary of less than 16,000/- decided to support her daughter's dream of becoming a doctor! A brave mother indeed - who managed to get education loan, the interest was paid by husband's income who takes children to schools in a van. #lockdown has put their calculations aside and the bright student - THE DAUGHTER is in 5th year medicine at Russia [as she missed admission in India by a few marks] The father's school van income is ZERO, mother's salary is not sufficient enough to run the home and support fees of daughter's college [2.9lakh/year] & son's college [studying engineering in Ahmedabad]. Let's make an effort to support HER dream by donating a little... to pay her fees that's overdue. TEH DONATION to Sparsh foundation is exempted under 80G of Income Tax. for more details write to mail.sparshfoundation@gmail.com OR send a whatsapp message to +91 98240 69989 THIS IS a fund raising effort for Educational Grant to HER. #Celebrating #girlchild


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